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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Check even what you get from your bank post verification - SBIN0003245

Dear All,

This is just a way that banks brings up frauds and later blame it on mischievous people, I, Irfan Alavi holder of a current & Savings account in SBI Sarai Khwaja Faridabad SBIN0003245 lost my debit card in July 2015 and since then have made 5 Applications to the bank for the debit card, now today(30-04-2016) when I visited the branch and was told to look in their register I saw a name Irfan Aali written in very poor handwriting and hard to read, Approached the cashier lady and she took out a packet, verified my credentials with account number Aadhar Card & Company ID Card handed me the packet and asked me to collect pin, the same verification process was repeated by counter#9 Mr Chandan and after proper verification(as they call it) I was finally given the pin envelope. Wow I had accomplished the impossible and got my  debit card & pin from a Government Bank...excited I was.
Then I opened the card only to feel that my name is misprinted as Irfan Ali, Oki, approached helpdesk lady who again checked account details and told its a misprint and since I have it now I should use it, wow then I realized that my address and account number on the envelope is also incorrect. Then my tone went from soft spoken to assertive and then she says my my this is someone else's debit card. Amazing I have already been given the card and its pin, allowing me to use it anyway I may so be desirous off. Then again running from helpdesk to cashier, cashier lady is very very sure that its my card and says has verified my pic, my address and my date of birth. Wow !!!

And when I wish to complain Branch Manager on Leave.

This is how just by being careless these types of banks bring banking fraud into existence. Had I not being a responsible citizen I would have walked away with the card and its pin and taken money off from the real holders account and the real holder would be told that its his fault as the card is a chip and pin card.

I seriously condemn this type of careless behaviour by Government Bank SBI and am really doubtful of continuing banking with them, I strongly feel that strict measures should be in place to avoid any such happenings.

Its 10 months now and I am still without a debit card & when finally when I said what happened to my debit card I am told that the application is misplaced for the forth time and I should apply the fifth time.....

Please find attached photos of the envelope and debit card

I request all readers to retweet repost on social domains and avoid anyone from being victim to this....really its a mental torture

Thanks all

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Long-term vegetarian diet could increase cancer, heart disease risk: Cornell University study

Long-term vegetarian diet can lead to a genetic mutation that may increase the risk of cancer and heart disease in Indians, a new study by Cornell University researchers has claimed.
The gene identified by scientists helps those who eat plant-based diets to process omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids into compounds that help the development of the brain and control inflammation in the body.

The gene could cause a spike in the production of arachidonic acid, which makes the body prone to inflammation and has been linked to heart disease and cancer. This can be harmful if a person with the gene has a diet high in certain vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, as the body will metabolise the fatty acids into arachidonic acid more quickly .

The discovery by researchers, including Kumar Kothapalli from Cornell University in US, provides the first evolutionary work that traces a higher frequency of a particular mutation to a primarily vegetarian population from Pune (about 70%), when compared to a traditional meat-eating American population, made up of most ly Kansans (less than 20%).

By using reference data from the 1000 Genomes Project, the researchers provided evolutionary evidence that the vegetarian diet, over many generations, may have driven the higher frequency of a mutation in the Indian population.

The mutation, called rs66698963 and found in the FADS2 gene, is an insertion or deletion of a sequence of DNA that regulates the expression of two genes, FADS1 and FADS2. These genes are key to making long chain po yunsaturated fats, researchers said. Among these, arachidonic acid is a key target of the pharmaceutical industry because it is a central culprit for those at risk of heart disease, colon cancer, and many other inflammation-related conditions, they said.

The insertion mutation may be favoured in populations subsisting primarily on vegetarian diets and possibly populations having limited access to diets rich in polyunsaturated fats, especially fatty fish, researchers said.

"With little animal food in the diet, the long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids must be made metabolically from plant PUFA precursors," researchers said. "The physiological demand for arachidonic acid, as well as omega-3 EPA and DHA, in vegetarians is likely to have favoured genetics that support efficient synthesis of these key metabolites," they said.

Changes in the dietary omega-6 to omega-3 balance may contribute to the increase in chronic disease seen in some developing countries, researchers said.

Cited from :

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Fear, loneliness, sadness

This is a purely fictional story written with a reason however bears no resemblance to any person living or dead.

Fear, loneliness, sadness. They all dwell inside my body, swirling with the waves of hope. They all tear me down, break my soul and they never let me go back. Where am I? I look at the grey sky, but the tears roll down my eyes so I look towards the ground. My tear drops hit the soft soil, and get absorbed in; telling me that all my sadness, all my tears will get absorbed into the cold world like everybody else’s. Showing me that no one cares, the world is cruel, and humans are selfish. If someone is hurt then we say how we should be hurt worse. You’re not asking for pity, you’re not asking for it to go away, you’re simply asking for someone to listen and possibly help you feel better so you can help them when they are down. But it’s always the same. You help them, time after time again, but they never help you, instead they make you feel worse.

Please, if you don’t care, then don’t talk to me, why do you still talk to me when you no longer care? Why do you hurt me so? You walk the world thinking you are happy, smiling politely at those in front of you, but on the inside you cry and you begin to shatter like the broken mirror in your room. You look into the shattered mirror and see your shattered soul. Your hand lightly places to the cracks on it, as it slides across the imperfectness. You smile as you watch the blood run down your hand, then the tears come out. You slide your hand across it then look at your hideous hand, it disgust you with the way it looks. The flesh peeling up exposing the muscle below, the blood that runs down your palm. Funny, your hideous hand reminds you of yourself. The ugliness you have, the hatred in your eyes, the sadness in your heart. You hold yourself tightly, cradled in your own cold arms, as you try to convince yourself of things that are untrue, you silently whisper “I am pretty, I am beautiful, they just can’t see it yet,” but you can’t fool anyone. They stare at you, they laugh at you, why are they so cruel? Why must they hurt me so much?

Then a hand reaches towards you as your crouching in the corner crying to yourself, “Its okay, your fine just the way you are.” Their warm voice begins to light up the world, the sadness is now gone and so is the loneliness. You talk and you talk your heart out, for once amidst the loneliness you are not lone and then love comes out. You express they express, love and lovely words exchanged, I love you, need you & I want you said and alls so beautiful,  for you just got a hope in life "AAIS", the dark alleys in the saddest of moments you start to develop hope, you see a ray of sunshine amongst the cold dreaded darkness, you are happy and then it disconnects, you follow you chase, you call, you message not to get a response, your whims are gone, they just came and went. Your old friends chase only to be blocked !!!!!! When they chase for you you get that's not right "Yeh sahi nhi hai" ...did they go? Then you look out a window and see the two black crows flying away, the sadness is gone and so is the loneliness. You let this person get close, and you begin to become attached. Then the day comes, they leave you. Just like all the rest, they’re no different, you realize that now. You became a nuisance, now you break them off completely. God knows what upsetted them for they never replied, you begged to know your fault, yet failed to seek a reply, you wept, you cried, you hurt yourself, Do you even have a heart? So much time has passed now it is unlikely, you are so ugly, you’re disgusting.

You are just a sad excuse for a life, why do you still exist? It longer matters anymore, your just living to live, it’s too late because you have lost your motivation, your pride, your dignity, when will I find it again? You walk to a perfect mirror and look in the mirror, it is you, and it is I. we are one in the same, we are beautiful and yet our souls are ugly. We are scared yet our skin is still has no marks. We are one and we are the same. We shall no longer let people into our happiness, we will cherish every moment of it when we get it, and the two crows will come to visit often until we disappear and reappear in a sealed chamber letting us rest peacefully, and all alone. Under the mother earth, under the roots and grass, and under the stone on top of us marked “R.I.P.”

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Migraine do's and don'ts

Migraine do's and don'ts
Lifestyle awareness: Migraine do's and don'ts (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

A kind of vascular headache, migraines are caused by nerve swellings that result in expansion of blood vessels in the brain.

Inflammation leads to further enlargement of arteries, which in turn escalates into debilitating pain. Usually accompanied by nausea and photophobia, it is one of the most under-diagnosed and under-treated problems. Today we have, Dr Praveen Gupta, Consultant, Neurology at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon take us through the top 12 list of do's and don'ts when you are suffering from migraines.

- Patients, who have been diagnosed with migraine, should continue to take the prescribed medication.

- Migraine patients should avoid exposure to frequent temperature change.

- Avoid any alternative treatments at home.

- It is important to remember that migraines, at times, can be fatal. So, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

- Ensure that you get 6-8 hrs of sound sleep.

- Yoga, meditation & morning walks are a few ways to keep you healthy. Maintain a daily routine of exercise.

- An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to migraines, specially skipping meals or not eating on time. A migraine patient should avoid fasting and food containing fat.

- Avoid strong perfumes.

- Stress could be a big reason for triggering migraines.

- Avoid direct sunlight. Use goggles and umbrellas when stepping out in the day.

- Avoid prolonged use of analgesics.

- Paracetamol or aspirin work well for many migraine attacks. (Children under 16 should not take aspirin.) Take a dose as early as possible after symptoms begin. If you take painkillers early enough, they often reduce the severity of the headache, or stop it completely.

Stay well Harry Puttar

The horrific attacks in Paris on Friday - 13 November in 2015

The horrific attacks in Paris on Friday have, predictably, led to much over-reaction and demands that we do more of the exact things that radicalize people and make them want to attack us. The French military wasted no time bombing Syria in retaliation for the attacks, though it is not known where exactly the attackers were from. Thousands of ISIS fighters in Syria are not Syrian, but came to Syria to overthrow the Assad government from a number of foreign countries -- including from France and the US.
Ironically, the overthrow of Assad has also been the goal of both the US and France since at least 2011.
Because the US and its allies are essentially on the same side as ISIS and other groups – seeking the overthrow of Assad – many of the weapons they have sent to the more “moderate” factions also seeking Assad’s ouster have ended up in the hands of radicals. Moderate groups have joined more radical factions over and over, taking their US-provided training and weapons with them. Other moderate groups have been captured or killed, their US-provided weapons also going to the radicals. Thus the more radical factions have become better equipped and better trained, while occasionally being attacked by US or allied planes.
Does anyone not believe this is a recipe for the kind of disaster we have now seen in Paris? The French in particular have been very active in arming even the more radical groups in Syria, as they push for more political influence in the region. Why do they still refuse to believe in the concept of blowback? Is it because the explanation that, “they hate us because we are free,” makes it easier to escalate abroad and crack down at home?
It may not be popular to say this as emotions run high and calls ring out for more bombing in the Middle East, but there is another way to address the problem. There is an alternative to using more military intervention to address a problem that was caused by military intervention in the first place.
That solution is to reject the militarists and isolationists. It is to finally reject the policy of using “regime change” to further perceived US and western foreign policy goals, whether in Iraq, Libya, Syria, or elsewhere. It is to reject the foolish idea that we can ship hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to “moderates” in the Middle East and expect none of them to fall into the hands of radicals.
More bombs will not solve the problems in the Middle East. But a more promising approach to the Middle East is currently under fire from the isolationists in Washington. The nuclear deal with Iran ends UN sanctions and opens that country to international trade. Just last week the presidents of France and Iran met to discuss a number of trade deals. Other countries have followed. Trade and respect for national sovereignty trumps violence, but Washington still doesn’t seem to get it. Most presidential candidates compete to thump the table loudest against any deal with Iran. They will use this attack to propagandize against approving trade with Iran even though Iran has condemned the attack and is also in the crosshairs of ISIS.
Here is the alternative: Focus on trade and friendly relations, stop shipping weapons, abandon “regime change” and other manipulations, respect national sovereignty, and maintain a strong defense at home including protecting the borders from those who may seek to do us harm.
We should abandon the failed policies of the past, before it’s too late.
Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Loneliness makes your brain work differently, study shows

From the 95-year-old couple who called 999 because they wanted someone to talk to, to the John Lewis Christmas advert which is taking the nation by storm for its touching relationship between an old man and a little girl, the issue of loneliness has never been more prominent. 

In recent weeks we've also heard about the pensioner who rang a local BBC radio station to tell them he missed his wife, and have received sobering statistics from charity Age UK who say a million elderly people often go a whole month without speaking to anyone. 

And now researchers have shown being lonely can actually have a physical impact on your brain. 

The study, published in the journal Cortex, was led by married researchers Stephanie and John Cacioppo, from the University of Chicago, who are experts on the psychology and neuroscience of loneliness. 

They found that lonely people's brains differ from those of non-lonely people, Medical Daily reported. 

In fact, lonely people are actually more alert to threats and the possible danger of strangers, because their brains become more active in social situations. 

Psychology Today reported that when we feel socially isolated our nervous systems automatically switch into 'self-preservation mode', which makes us more abrasive and defensive - even if there's actually no threat. 

The researchers found this out by distributing a 'loneliness questionnaire' to 38 'very lonely' people and 32 people who 'didn't feel lonely'. 

They defined feeling lonely as a subjective feeling of isolation, rather than number of friends or close relatives. 

They used electrodes on subjects' heads to record brain waves, and also conducted a Stroop Test using words such as "belong", "party," "alone", "solitary", "joy" and "sad" - which were tagged as either 'social/positive', 'social/negative', 'nonsocial/positive' and 'nonsocial/negative' to see the different ways they responded. 

They found lonely people became highly vigilant when the words were regarded as 'socially negative', whereas non-lonely people responded in similar ways to both social and nonsocial negative words. 

In conclusion, they surmised that lonely people's brains are conditioned to tune into social threats faster than what is considered 'normal'. 

And this hyper-vigilance to respond to social threats could be rooted in the subconscious. 

"Our evolutionary model of the effects of perceived social isolation (loneliness) on the brain as well as a growing body of behavioral research suggests that loneliness promotes short-term self-preservation, including an increased implicit vigilance for social, in contrast to nonsocial, threats," they wrote in the study. 

They also found that even though the test was designed to be fast and reactive, to give subjects little time to think about their answers, lonely people picked out socially threatening words like "hostile" and negative nonsocial words like "vomit" more quickly too. 

And they said that this suggests lonely people are subconsciously looking out for negativity. 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Karwa Chauth 2015: Make Your Marriage Immortal

Karwa Chauth 2015: Make Your Marriage Immortal

I never wanted the stars, 
never shot for the moon, 
I like them right where they are,,,
All I wanted was You Aas!
Happy Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth in 2015 is on October 30 (Today) The day to bless your marriage with the life of Moon, Karva Chauth is not just about fasting. It is the day of cherishing the bond of love and saying thanks to your beloved for all those beautiful moments in a unique way. Let’s read more about this beautiful day...
arwa Chauth in 2015 is on October 30.Karwa Chauth is one day festival, which is celebrated mainly in North India. It falls on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of the month Kartik or before nine days of Diwali.
On Karva Chauth, full day fasting will be observed by married or unmarried ladies. North Indian married or unmarried women observe the fast of Karwa Chauth for the well being and long life of their husbands, or for their fiances. The Karva Chauth fast starts after sunrise and extend till the moonrise. Full Moon is seen on Karva Chauth, or on the fourth night of the Krishna Paksha, of the month Kartik.
Karva and Chauth are Hindi words that refer to “pot” and “fourth” (as it falls on the fourth day of the dark fortnight of month Kartik), respectively. Different mud pots are taken by the ladies, each refers to the name of their husbands. Each woman honor her pot and use it to deliver water to the Moon, after moonrise. There are some other facts also, that should be known before celebrating Karwa Chauth in 2015. So, let’s discuss these facts to celebrate Karva Chauth in 2015 in a more delightful manner.

Significance of Karva Chauth

Let’s discuss the significance of Karwa Chauth festival.
Read about the Significance of Karwa Chauth 2015 festival.Karva Chauth is an important fast for the ladies of North India. They strongly believe that, if the fast is observed with full faith and devotion, it will help in the welfare of their husbands.
Now-a-days, in modern society, it is considered as a romantic festival, in which women observe fast for their husbands, and husbands give them different gifts in return. It is also a major time of family get-together. During the moonrise, all family members come together and perform the rituals, followed by dinner. It provides an opportunity for ladies, to get closer to their in-laws and even more closer to their husbands. Celebrate Karva Chauth in 2015 with full devotion to take the blessings for your husband’s long life.

Karva Chauth 2015: Rituals and Traditions

Now, let’s take a look on the rituals and traditions followed by ladies before celebrating Karva Chauth in 2015; so, that we can celebrate Karwa Chauth in 2015 by keeping in mind these traditions.
Days before the festival of Karva Chauth, ladies start preparing for this special festival. They shop for the things, which are considered important for the married women such as cosmetics, bangles, jewelery and new clothes. There is also a tradition of applying henna or Mehndi tattoo on hands. It is believed that it brings good luck to the life of couple.
Another very important tradition related to Karwa Chauth is Sargi. Sargi includes the food items presented by the in-laws to their daughter-in-law. It is consumed by the ladies who observe fast before sunrise. Women awake before sunrise to have some food as Sargi. In Punjab, the Sargi must include Fenia (traditional food, cooked in milk), Matthi, dry fruits and fruits. It is believed that Sargi helps the women to observe fast, the whole day, without any weakness.
There is also a tradition of wearing good clothes by all the married ladies, as it is a mark of celebration on Karwa Chauth.

Celebrations Of Karwa Chauth 2015

Different rituals are performed by women during Karva Chauth 2015.Before celebrating Karwa Chauth in 2015, let’s first discuss about how to celebrate Karwa Chauth festival?
Women who observe fast of Karva Chauth awake before sunrise for consuming Sargi or other food items. Their fast starts after sunrise. During the daytime, they decorate their hands with Henna or Mehndi, wear bangles, Tika, Bindi and other cosmetics, and get ready for the rituals. The way of performing rituals is different from place to place or communities.
Karwa Chauth Celebrations In Punjab
In Punjab, all the ladies gather at a central place like at someone's home, to perform the rituals with their decorated Puja Thalis (plates). They all sit in a circular order and an elderly lady narrates the Karva Chauth story. They sing the Karva Chauth traditional songs together and rotate their Puja Thalis throughout the circle. These rotations are called Feris. Seven Feris of Puja Thalis are carried out by ladies while performing the ritual of Karva Chauth. Then, they wait for the moonrise and do other preparations for the festival. Women from Punjab will follow the same tradition for celebrating Karwa Chauth in 2015.
Celebrations In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Rajasthan
In the area of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan, all the ladies of the family come together to perform the rituals of Karwa Chauth. They sit together and an elderly lady narrates the story of Veeravati or the Karwa Chauth Katha. This story narration takes place in front of the idol of Maa Parvati, and the Karvas of Karva Chauth. After the completion of story or Katha, the ladies take blessings from their mother-in-law by touching her feet. Then, they all wait for the moonrise for further rituals.
When the Moon arises, all the women come together to worship Moon. They use a sieve to view the Moon indirectly with a lighten lamp. Then they turn around, and view their husbands in the same way by using the sieve. They offer prayers to Moon for the long life and well being of their husbands. Husbands offer water and some sweet as the blessed food to their wives, and the fast is now broken. The wives can now take the complete meal. This is how the couples celebrate Karwa Chauth.

Legends Of Karva Chauth

Let’s now discuss the legends of Karva Chauth before celebrating it in 2015, so that we can understand the true reason for celebrating Karwa Chauth in 2015.
Story Of Veeravati
Veeravati was a Queen and was the only sister of seven brothers. Her brothers were very protective toward her. When she observed her first fast of Karva Chauth, at her parent's house, she was eagerly waiting for the moonrise, as she was not able to control her thirst and hunger. Her brothers couldn't see her in this condition. They tried a trick of mirroring bright light behind the Pipal tree. They told her that she can consume the meal as the Moon has risen. Veeravati was convinced by their trick and consumed the meal. The moment she ate, the news arrived that her husband was dead. She started crying and asked Maa Parvati that why it happened. Then, Maa Parvati came and told her about the trick of her brothers. Maa Parvati advised her to observe the fast again with full faith and devotion to get her husband back into her life. Veeravati admit her mistake and promised to observe the fast again and every year with full faith and devotion for the well being and long life of her husband.
Legend Of Mahabharta
Once Arjun went to Nilgiris for penance. All the Pandavas and Draupadi were very worried about the well being of Arjun. Draupadi approached to Lord Krishna for help. She asked Lord Krishna to protect Arjun from any danger or hazard. Lord Krishna told her that the love and faith of a married woman has the power to save her husband from any risk or danger of life. He advised her to observe the fast of Karwa Chauth with dedication, it will help Arjun to get out of all dangers successfully.
Story Of Karva
Karva was a loving wife, who was deeply in love with her husband. Her deep love toward her husband provided her some spiritual power. Once, her husband was caught by a crocodile in a pond. With her spiritual powers, Karva bound the crocodile with a cotton yarn, and asked Yama to send him to hell. Yama refused to do so. Karva threatened Yama that she will curse and destroy him. Being threatened from the curse of a loyal wife, he agreed and sent crocodile to hell. He also blessed Karva's husband with long life. This story also tells about the power of love of a devotional wife as well as Karva Chauth. So, don’t miss that chance and observe fast of Karva Chauth in 2015.
Story Of Satyavan & Savitri
Savitri was a devoted wife, who was deeply in love with her husband. One day, her husband died and his soul was taken away by the lord of death Yama, she stopped drinking and eating anything, and prayed Yama to return her husband back to life. Yama told her that she can ask for any other boon, except the life of her husband. Savitri asked for kids from her husband. Yama agreed, but being a devoted wife, Savitri never let any other man to be her husband. Yama left with no other choice, but he had to restore Savitri's husband to life.
These legends encourage the tradition of Karva Chauth. Let’s now talk about the special delicacies cooked on this day to make your Karwa Chauth in 2015 more happening.
Today is Karva Chauth every married women have fast today for their husband. Why married women have fast on Karwa Chauth? In Hindu Religion the fast of Karwa Chauth have do for the safe and long life of Husband. Women don’t eat and drink any thing whole day after see the moon in night they take food and water. In the evening they do worship of Vidha Mata. The good timing of the poojan of Vidhi Mata is after 5:00 pm. All the ladies sit together and do this pooja.
After that Ladies started to wait of Chand (Moon). On Karwa chauth movie rise after 8:00 or 8:30 pm. All the Ladies give Water to Moon and see the face of their husband within Channi. Now ladies drink water first then take food. In different families females eat different kind of recipes on this day.

7 signs of a toxic relationship

7 signs of a toxic relationship
7 signs of a toxic relationship (Getty Images)

When you are in a new relationship, the heady addictive feeling gets to you. And that is why, sometimes you invariably are blinded to the fact that the relationship may be corrosive. Here are a few signs.

When you are in a new relationship, the heady addictive feeling gets to you. And that is why, sometimes you invariably are blinded to the fact that the relationship may be corrosive. It may be doing you more harm than good. Here are some warning signs that can help you know whether you are in a toxic relationship.

Your relationship drains you: Research suggests that 70% of our energy drains are emotional, says health psychologist Dr Kanan Khatau Chikhal. She adds, "One of the first signs of a toxic relationship is how you feel after you meet your partner. Do you feel high-spirited and motivated or do you feel like a deflated balloon? It is subjective feeling." You need to move away from a relationship that stresses you out and takes away more than it can give you.

You're walking on eggshells: Do you think twice before uttering any line to your partner? The persistent fear of saying or doing something that might aggravate or upset him is a clear signal that your relationship is not balanced in your favour.

You start following your partner's habits to impress: Do you feel pressurised to drink more than what you are comfortable with, when you are out with your partner? Do you feel that you need to take up smoking just to impress him/her? If your relationship is making you take up negative habits, then you need to rethink.

Jealousy rears its ugly head: Jealousy and over possessiveness could be a symptom of an inferiority complex, states psychiatrist Dr Anjali Chhabria. "Initially, you feel happy that your partner wants to know every little detail about your day but over time, you realise that it is not because he/she loves you, but because he/she is insecure. This is unhealthy and can be a symptom of a larger problem like paranoia or a delusional disorder, which, if not acknowledged or treated, could become suffocating for the partner," she adds.

Your past errors are dug up frequently: When a partner resorts to citing examples like 'This is what you always do. Last month also...' or 'You were like this with your ex too', you know your relationship may be treading dangerous ground. Dr Chhabria says, "When a partner is insecure, he/she may be making a case history against you on a sub-conscious level. Anything that happens, he/she immediately recollects the past examples and keeps mentioning them. He/she doesn't concentrate on nor tries to solve the issue at hand." Ghosts of the past usually torment this kind of person, making life difficult for you too.

Your relationship is all about your partner: When you stop paying attention to your close friends and family because your partner takes up all your time, you should see the red flag. Dr Chhabria, says, "If you are unable to concentrate on anything because you are always catering to your partner's insecurities, you could be in a toxic relationship." Citing an example, she says that a girl had forgotten to wish her best friend on her birthday because her boyfriend took up all her time, and their relationship was always all about him.

Your partner's too clingy: In any relationship, one partner may assume that the other is very dependable, because he/she may fulfil certain psychological requirements that the other may have. When that partner is unavailable, one starts to get insecure and grumpy. This leads to the uncontrollable urge to be with the partner 24X7 and could be bad for the relationship. Sometimes, it results in stalking the partner or being insanely over possessive. Such an over-clingy and needy partner could be the reason for the end of a relationship.